Emma submitted a poem:

I’ve never been one to desire to be in a place other than my own,
And not too often have I felt the need to be driven or flown.
I know this place now and always as home.
I’ve never stopped to think and wonder why,
Should I go to a destination that isn’t nearby?

All of the photos that I have been shown,
Sure don’t compare to where I have grown.
It’s a beauty that is truly unique!
North Simcoe sure has a place dear to my heart,
And it’s where I’ve been raised right from the start.

What a great place to be able to call my home,
I don’t have the desire to wander or roam.
Everything I want is all around me!
From the forests, lakes, and natural fauna that’s around,
There’s so much to offer in each little town.

We’ve got so much talent in music, theatre, and arts,
And many different markets and festivals all over our parts.
Oh and the wildlife here is second to none!
To name a few, there’s wolves, beavers, geese, herons, and deer,
And that familiar owl off in the distance is what I can hear.

There’s not many a time when I cannot find,
A new spot to sit back, relax, and unwind.
From my window I can see,
A wealth of familiarity around me;
From the lights of the downtown,
To the drying fields looking brown.

I am astounded by the welcoming that comes naturally here,
Whether it be getting caught up over a cup of coffee or beer.
There’s so much so see and so much to do!
The local businesses surrounding are humble with pride,
To be comforted by regulars and travelers who clamber inside.

There is a wealth of memories which I cannot recall,
Because I have lived here since before I could crawl.
A friendly and familiar face when out and about!
There’s always a favourite teacher, family, friend, or mentor;
It’s so easy to get caught up and chatting in a store.

From what I can tell from this point in how I live,
I know that North Simcoe has so much to give.
Hometown proud and excited for the years to come.
It’s quite obvious that there isn’t a place that I would rather be,
Than right here in Severn; that, I can surely guarantee!

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