Kelsey wrote to us:

The feeling that I used to have as a child pulling up to the cottage was that of instant gratification. Now, 10 years later, I call this once far away place my home. I sit here, upon the rocks that overlook the beautiful landscape. My body is relaxed and all my stress is relieved. The place I am lucky to call home is nestled in forest just minutes away from the lake. My home is truly a place of everyday serenity. The healing properties that infused my body when I walk along the sandy riverbanks allow me to feel revitalized, healthy and happy. The therapeutic benefit of living in North Simcoe is felt through the physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional facets of my life.

I have a comprehensive understanding of how nature impacts an individual’s life. Individuals are not isolated from the world around them, and accordingly, it is important to understand an individual through the environment that surrounds that individual. In understanding this, I believe that my relationship to North Simcoe has made me a more positive human being. Breathing in the air, I am able to feel the purity and toxin free environment that allows me to maintain my health and happiness. There is a mutual respect that is inherent in the culture of North Simcoe, which is that of appreciating nature and community. The neighbours support each other, and the community optimism can be felt through the positive energy that flows from person to person. My neighbours are always there to help or provide an uplifting smile. This tight community bond can only be found in North Simcoe. The community ambiance allows individuals to positively self develop, which has allowed me to take up a meaningful place in society and have a deeper more inclusive way of seeing life.
I get to share this outstanding natural environment with my family. There is no place in the world that I am more at ease with family then in North Simcoe. It is a truly a place of physical and mental relaxation. After a stressful day, I am able to come home and recuperate by losing myself in the biodiversity and scenery. The surroundings elicit bodily reactions that emulate pure bliss. The sights, sounds and scents of nature enhance the memories and laughter that I experience with my family. My family loves the outdoors. We go on daily hikes in search of new adventures, and we are never disappointed with the wildlife and outstanding atmosphere. My family explores the paradise that we call home. In the winter, we snowshoe, build forts, or snowmobile with the neighbours. In the summer, the activities are endless filled with hikes that explore the colorful floral forests or the captivating sandy beaches.
I believe my home – North Simcoe – has shaped the person that I have become. I have reached a point of self-actualization as a result of the connections I made with my community, family and nature by choosing to live in North Simcoe.

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