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Charlie Kelly

                                                                    Award Winner!


                                                                   Suzanne Burtenshaw of the Coldwater Steampunk
                                                                   Festival is the winner of this year’s Charlie Kelly
                                                                   Award, presented at the BruceGreySimcoe Regional
                                                                   Tourism UnConference at Blue Mountain Resort on
                                                                   November 14.
                                                                   The award honours the memory of Charlie Kelly,
                                                                   who championed the idea of four-season tourism
                                                                   for Owen Sound.  It embodies his spirit and looks
                                                                   to recognize the person who has helped to grow the
                                                                   tourism industry the most over the last year, through
                                                                   initiative, innovation or by acting as a role model.
                                                                   Burtenshaw is a dedicated volunteer with the
                                                                   Coldwater Steampunk Festival. The festival brings
                                                                   thousands of attendees to the village of Coldwater to
                                                                   celebrate the steampunk era. Visitors often come in
                                                                   elaborate costumes and this themed event had record   Described as an idea person with boundless energy,
                                                                   attendance this year, bringing visitors from as far as   Burtenshaw’s vision has contributed to the success of
                                                                   the United States, packing local accommodations and   the Coldwater Steampunk Festival and has helped
                                                                   making a great economic contribution to the region.  bring a new vibrancy to the village of Coldwater.
                                                                   Having moved to Coldwater in 2009, Burtenshaw   The Charlie Kelly award committee received 16
                                                                   saw the potential for the festival and the community   nominations this year for 12 individuals. Past winners
                                                                   and has worked to grow the volunteer base as well   include Mylisa Hendersen, Don Braden, Jeff Carver,
                                                                   as the town’s participation in the event. She works   Patti Kendall, Jack and Rick Salen, Ashley Miller,
                                                                   year-round to plan the festival and knows that it’s   Bryan Plumstead, Chris Hughes and Jenny Amy.
                                                                   a great way to introduce visitors to the area’s other
                                                                                                                 Thanks to the support of Bayshore Broadcasting, this
                                                                   attractions. Burtenshaw and her partner also host an
                                                                   Antique Car meet every Thursday from May until   award has grown from recognizing tourism champi-
                                                                                                                 ons in Grey and Bruce counties to honouring those
                                                                   September, further increasing traffic to downtown
                                                                   Coldwater.                                    in Bruce, Grey and Simcoe counties.
                                                                    SPONSOR, CHEER, OR VOLUNTEER!

                                                                   You are invited to join the
                                                                   volunteer team helping to pres-
                                                                   ent the Orillia 2018 Ontario
                                                                   Winter Games (OWG), taking
                                                                   place March 1 - 4, 2018. Orillia
                                                                   OWG volunteers (l - r) Kathy
                                                                   Hunt, Gill Tillmann, Andrea
                                                                   Town, Orillia Mayor Steve
                                                                   Clarke, Brad Doubrough, and
                                                                   Suzanne Prosser are part of the
                                                                   400+ group of volunteers look-
                                                                   ing forward to the Games. The
                                                                   Games will need a minimum
                                                                   of 600 volunteers to welcome
                                                                   and host over 3,200 participants
                                                                   during the Games – Orillia’s
                                                                   largest multi-sport event to
                                                                   date! To find out more about the
                                                                   Games and to volunteer, visit

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