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orth Simcoe life magazine
                                                                                  Nwould like to pay tribute to
                                                                                  Don Hanney, founder of the Oro-
                                                                                  Medonte Chamber of Commerce,
                                                                                  original owner of Burl’s Creek in
                                                                                  Oro-Medonte, and the man who,
                                                                                  along with Murray Martin, started
                                                                                  our own North Simcoe Com-
                                                                                  munity News, 21 years ago. We
                                                                                  have fond memories of going out
                                                                                  to Burl’s Creek to pick up Don’s
                                                                                  payment for his advertising, and
                                                                                  spending a half hour listening to
                                                                                  his always entertaining tales of his
                                                                                  life and ideas, all the while he sat
                                                                                  atop his tall lawn mowing tractor.
                                                                                  Don left us September 22, 2017,
                                                                                  in his 89  year. Thanks for all the
                                                                                  wonderful memories, Don!

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                               February/March 2018 issue
                                   is January 10
                               for delivery on January 31 st

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