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Free Play Forest at Tiffin Centre Now Open

                                 Kindergarten students   Codrington Public School.
                                 from Codrington Public
                                                        “Each year we have more than 12,000 students take part
                                 School in Barrie officially   in our outdoor education program at the Tiffin Centre,”
                                 opened the new free play
                                                        said Byron Wesson, director of lands, education and
                                 forest at Tiffin Centre for   stewardship services with the NVCA. “The free play forest
                                 Conservation in Utopia
                                                        allows our youngest students to explore the wonders of
                                 earlier last month. With   the woods on their own without fear of them getting lost.”
                                 funding from the TD
                                 Friends of the Environ-  The free play forest strikes a balance between providing a
       ment Foundation, the Nottawasaga Valley Conservation   natural space for young visitors while maintaining habitat
       Authority (NVCA) constructed the free play area as a safe   for the animals that frequent the area. Bunnies, barred
       place for young students to play in the forest with limited   owls, mice, raccoons, porcupines, squirrels, chipmunks, and
       supervision. Logs, poles and other natural materials in the   deer rely on this patch of forest for food and shelter. With
       area allow children’s creativity to run wild.    more than 300 acres of forests, meadows and wetlands, the
                                                        Tiffin Centre for Conservation is a year-round destination
       NVCA staff designed the one-acre, treed space with na-  for outdoor recreation and home to the NVCA’s education
       ture in mind using a honeycomb-pattern fence. A number
                                                        program. For more information on the forest park, please
       of students volunteered to install the fencing over the   visit
       spring and summer, including Grade 4 to 6 students from
       Business Spotlight by Steve Caston

                                        with fishermen on the East Coast
                                        and buys directly from his suppliers
                                        there. This ensures that everything
                                        is top quality and fresh. He gets his
                                        fish whole and butchers it himself.
                                        Customers are assured large portions,
                                        great price and deliciousness!
                                        Almost everything at Tor’s is made
                                        from scratch, including Caesar dress-
                                        ing, tartar sauce, soups, coleslaw and
                                        chips. Kevin and the staff are always
                                        striving to improve on recipes and
                                        they are always trying out new prod-
                                        ucts. They’ve perfected their salted
                                        cod cakes after much finessing (and
                                        advice from local East Coasters).
                                        Pan-fried and baked fish are avail-
                                        able, scallops and calamari have been
                                        offered as specials, and the blooming
                    Front to back: Tyler,   onions are to die for! Kevin would
                    Kevin and MacKenzie  like to offer lobster on a regular basis
                                        as well.
       Kevin Brouwer is excited about   Chef Mackenzie (ask him about his
       seafood. He’s the new owner of Tor’s   name) says he doesn’t think of Tor’s   blooming onion and cod cakes), he
       Fish and Chips in Orillia and he’s de-  as just a restaurant. It feels more like   recommended the deep-fried Mars
       termined to make it the “go to” place   a place where friends come in to eat.   bar or deep fried Twinkie for desert
       for seafood (especially halibut!).  He always makes time to come out
                                        of the kitchen to chat with guests   (I ended up trying both). After that
       Tor’s Restaurant has been located at                             he headed outside to provide free hot
                                        and make sure they are enjoying their
       149 Mississauga Street East in Oril-  meal.                      chocolate to the chilly folks watching
       lia for 20 years. The original owner,                            the Santa Claus parade.
       Doreen, decided to retire and sell the   Kevin has big dreams and plans for   I think they’re going to do well here.
       business this past summer, and the   his restaurant. He wants to
       operation was a perfect fit for Kevin.  make it something special
                                        and is willing to do the
       Kevin, who has experience in a vari-
                                        work to make it happen.
       ety of different industries including
       fine dining, comes from Newmarket,   When I dropped in for
       but is eager to make a home in the   lunch recently on a chilly
       Orillia area with his son Tyler. He   Saturday afternoon, I was
       believes the area will be a good place   greeted by Tyler at the
       to raise Tyler. He sees the restaurant   front door who recom-
       as something he will one day pass on   mended the hot chocolate
       to Tyler.                        (he’s in charge of bever-
                                        ages on the weekend).
       There have been some changes to the
                                        Later (after I was fully
       menu since Kevin took over. With   sated by a healthy helping
       the aim of having the best quality                        The fish is fresh!
                                        of halibut, chips, coleslaw,
       seafood available, Kevin connected
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