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Gerry Marshall will be Liberal
      Climate Change – It’s not fake news! —submitted by
      Sustainable Severn Sound
                                                                                          Candidate in Simcoe North —submitted
      Climate change is any significant change in   ide, water and methane, and are typically caused
      climate, including temperature, precipitation or   by everyday activities. SSS will be gathering   Voters in Simcoe North have a tough
      wind patterns, lasting for an extended period of   information from local municipalities, residents,   decision to make in 2018. While the
      decades or longer. The climate is influenced by   utility providers and businesses in order to define   riding is currently held by the Con-
      the sun’s energy radiating onto the Earth. En-  a baseline. Once this baseline GHG inventory   servatives, Liberal candidate Mar-
      ergy from the sun is absorbed by the Earth’s sur-  is set, SSS and the Sustainability Committee   shall comes with an impressive list of
      face and atmosphere which creates heat. Some of   will set a reduction target and identify new op-  accomplishments—a record of “work-
      this heat is reflected back into space, but most of   portunities to reduce local GHG emissions and   ing effectively with others and getting
      this heat is trapped in the atmosphere by other   decrease the region’s environmental footprint.   things done” as he puts it.
      gases. Trapping of this heat energy is called the   This project is valuable to our municipal govern-  Marshall is currently serving his
      greenhouse effect, resulting in a warmer climate.                                   second term as Mayor of Penetan-
                                                ments and their communities as it will improve
      By the 2050s, our average temperatures are   the overall understanding of climate change im-  guishene. He is a strong advocate of
      expected to rise by about 2.5 to 3.7 degrees   pacts, improve access to climate change funding   Simcoe North’s Francophone roots,
      Celsius, increasing the cost of our food, caus-  opportunities, and provide our government part-  having worked as the regional chair
      ing extreme weather that damages property and   ners and stakeholders with a community-wide   of the 2015 Champlain Committee
      infrastructure, and threatening outdoor activities   GHG inventory to improve existing program-  and host mayor of the provincial 2015
      that we love. We are very fortunate to call this   ming, or to develop new policies and projects to   commemorations, and is currently
      pristine watershed our home, which is why Sus-  reduce GHG emissions.               advocating that a planned Ontario
      tainable Severn Sound (SSS) is working toward   Although we cannot reverse the damage done,   French language university be located
      developing a Local Climate Change Action Plan                                       in the Penetanguishene area. Since he
                                                we can begin to identify ways that our com-
      (LCCAP).                                                                            was first elected in 2010, the town has
                                                munities can reduce their GHG emissions and   received 23 million dollars in provincial
      Based on the Sustainable Severn Sound’s Mu-  lower the region’s environmental footprint.
                                                                                          and federal funding that has allowed
      nicipal Sustainability Report Card released in   Everyone —big and small—can be part of the   it to construct a state of the art sewage
      2016, climate change was identified as a priority   solution. Sort your garbage. Actively participate
                                                                                          treatment plant, re-invigorate the wa-
      action item for this area. With on-going support   in the green-bin program, or compost at home.   terfront park, build new water storage   the provincial table for maintaining ac-
      from the Towns of Midland and Penetanguish-  Use less electricity. Encourage your family to                           cessible educational and health services
                                                                                          tanks, construct the largest freshwater
      ene, and the Townships of Tiny, Tay, Oro-  make sustainable and energy-efficient purchases.   floating dock (15,000 square feet),   in rural areas of Ontario. The Midland-
      Medonte, Severn and Georgian Bay, this project   Plant your own food garden. These are just a few                     Penetanguishene area has seen a new
                                                                                          and launch a transit system. Under
      will prepare us for the challenges of a changing   ways you can make a real difference! For more   Marshall’s local and provincial leader-  high school built in 2016, plus a recent
      climate.                                  ways to get involved in the conversation, visit                             $14 million addition to the emergency
                                                                                          ship efforts, OPP policing costs for the
                                                Sustainable Severn Sound’s website at www.                                  department at Georgian Bay Gen-
      The first step in completing a LCCAP is to col-                                     town were reduced by $650,000 per
                                       or contact Victoria                               eral Hospital (GBGH). Also recently
      lect a community wide greenhouse gas (GHG)                                          annum.                            announced is a major expansion at
      inventory. Greenhouse gases are gases that get   Ervick, Climate Change Action Plan Coor-
                                                dinator at 705-526-1371 x 111 or by email at   Living in Penetanguishene, Marshall   GBGH to provide acute inpatient care
      trapped in the atmosphere, such as carbon diox-                                     is also keenly aware of the contribu-
                                                                               for mental-health emergencies and the
                                                                                          tion that public sector jobs—jobs at   construction of a new building near
      Maya Does It Again!                       produced—with equal importance. On balance,   Waypoint Centre for Mental Health   Midland’s downtown to accommodate
                                                                                          Care, at the Central North Correction
                                                when we enhance our various forms of capital on
                                                                                                                            Waypoint Centre for Mental Health
                                                a net basis, we enhance our overall wealth. This   Centre, in local health facilities and   Care outpatient services that will also
       —submitted                               year’s Top 30 Under 30 winners were judged on   schools—make to the local economy.   serve as Chigamik Community Health
                                                this basis. A celebration of emerging leadership,   In addition, in collaboration with the   Centre’s new home.
      A Simcoe teen has been named one of Canada’s   each is pursuing a different avenue to push for   mayors of neighbouring Midland, Tiny   Agriculture in the area is also on
      Top 30 Under 30 for extraordinary contributions   systemic sustainability-oriented change. Some   and Tay, Marshall saw the creation of a   Marshall’s agenda. He supported this
      to Global Sustainability.                 have started social enterprises of their own, while   North Simcoe Economic Development   summer’s Farm Fresh Food Fest in
                                                others are working within larger companies and   Corporation that is now instrumental
      Maya Burhanpurkar, a Simcoe County resident                                                                           Tiny Township, sits on the County
                                                organizations. There are ground-breaking female   in driving investment, growth and
      who is currently a freshman at Harvard, was                                                                           Agriculture Committee, and is a huge
                                                and male scientists, emerging Indigenous leaders,   business retention in the private sector
      honoured for her contributions to promoting                                                                           supporter of community gardens such
                                                members of the business community and social   to the four local communities.
      sustainability and climate change awareness.                                                                          as the Karma Project in Penetanguish-
                                                activists alike. Drawn from across the country,   Bringing provincial and federal invest-
      Her internationally award-winning documen-                                                                            ene.
                                                the Top 30 Under 30 are collectively focused on
      tary 400PPM focused on the adverse effects of                                       ment—along with good jobs—to small
                                                a mix of intensely local, national and interna-  towns in Simcoe North is Marshall’s   Prior to his work as a municipal politi-
      climate change on the Inuit and
                                                                    tional issues.”                                         cian, Marshall worked in the com-
      featured interviews with novel-                                                     goal in seeking election as the riding’s   munications field, serving as vice-pres-
      ist Margaret Atwood, astronaut                                Maya, after graduat-  MPP.                              ident at both Rogers Communication
      Chris Hadfield, and famed                                     ing from Barrie North   He’s also been proactive in addressing   and Cogeco Cable. His subsequent
      National Geographic Explorer                                  Collegiate and at the   the needs of small towns in his role   experience as VP of Business Develop-
      Wade Davis, amongst others. The                               age of 17 being inducted   as Warden of Simcoe County. First   ment at Globalive Communications
      open source non-profit documen-                               into their Lifetime Wall   elected to the office in 2014, Marshall   has served him well in municipal
      tary (,                               of Fame, worked as the   is currently serving his second term   politics.
      produced by Maya through her                                  youngest paid researcher   as Warden. He has made economic
      non-profit STAMxYouth, has                                    at the famed Perimeter   efforts his first priority: the County   His business experience, strong finan-
      been watched at climate change                                Institute for Theoretical   has seen job growth of 7.9% in the past   cial management background, and
      conferences and in classrooms                                 Physics (where Stephen   few years (7.2% in the manufacturing   knowledge of municipal and Ontario
      around the world.                                             Hawking has an office),   sector). He has also spearheaded af-  issues make him an effective advocate
                                                                    and as a contribut-   fordable housing efforts, resulting in a   in forging new solutions for challenges
      According to Corporate Knights                                ing researcher at the                                   faced by small towns and rural Ontario.
      magazine, which sponsored the                                                       10-year plan to establish 2,685 housing
                                                                    University of Toronto’s   units across the county.  Two years into   Marshall and wife Janice have been
      national award: “Sustainable                                  Space and Terrestrial
      societies are ones that treat all                                                   the plan, 509 units have been created   married for over 40 years. They have
                                                                    Autonomous Robotic    with another 300 ready to build.  two sons and five grandchildren.
      of our sources of wealth—hu-                                  Systems lab before en-
      man, financial, natural, social and                                                 Marshall has been a strong advocate at
                                                                    tering Harvard.
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