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n September 28, the Huronia Land Conser-
       Ovancy held its official unveiling of the sign                                                        MAKE LUMBER
       for the Hogg Creek Wetland. This provincially
       significant, 43-acre wetland, generously donated
       by a local family, is a key part of the Hogg River                                                     MAKE MONEY
       Present at the unveiling were local community
       and HLC members, as well as dignitaries includ-
       ing Mayors Harry Hughes of Oro-Medonte and
       Bill French of Springwater, and retired MPP Gar-                                                       PORTABLE SAWMILLS
       field Dunlop representing MPP Patrick Brown.                                                           from just $4397
       The property is Huronia Land Conservancy’s first
       nature reserve. HLC is a charitable, non-profit
       land trust founded in 2009 and dedicated to land
       conservation in north Simcoe County. To donate
       or to become a member of the Huronia Land   From left to right: Garfield Dunlop, David Wilkins,
       Conservancy email info@huronialandconservancy.  Bill French, Isabella Rombach, Linda Belcourt, Val     WORKING AS
       ca. For more information, check out the website   Schell, Tim Tully, Harry Hughes, Sandy Agnew.        HARD AS YOU.
       Adventure of a Lifetime                                                                                FREE CATALOG & DVD

                                                                                                              Toll-Free at: 800-661-7746 Ext.167
       by Ford Alton
         t was a good thing I didn’t have time to think about what
       II was about to do.
       For many years, I have wanted to experience a long sailing
       voyage. My first attempted voyage ended quickly, due to
       equipment failure onboard the boat. So, when this lat-
       est opportunity through the Jubilee Sailing Trust became
       available, I quickly agreed, albeit with a little prodding
       from my wife and children.
       The British registered ship Lord Nelson had been on the
       east coast of Canada to celebrate Canada’s 150  birthday,
       as part of a larger fleet of tall ships. She was returning   feet long. The unique thing about the ship is that it was
       to London England, but was short of able-bodied crew
                                                         designed to allow people with disabilities to sail with able-
       members. I had six days to book my airfare to St. John, a   bodied sailors and enjoy the thrill of the open seas. The
       return ticket from London to Toronto, find travel insur-
                                                         ship is outfitted with an audio compass for the vision im-
       ance, which I found out was not so easy when sailing on a   paired, wide decks to accommodate wheelchairs, hydraulic
       tall ship, and pack clothing for every weather scenario for
                                                         helm for people with limited strength, hydraulic stair lifts
       a thirty-day voyage. I also had to get permission from my   and many more added features for the disabled. The sailing
       employer to leave for five weeks. After all that was ac-
                                                         trust pairs disabled sailors with able-bodied sailors which
       complished, I had three days left before I had to be in New   makes for a unique experience for all involved.
       Brunswick. In my excitement, I didn’t have time to think
       about the endless scenarios that might or might not hap-  The voyage itself was the adventure of my lifetime, to
       pen, during this 3727 nautical mile voyage.       date. At one stage during our voyage, we were literally
                                                         sailing between a hurricane and a tropical depression.
       The Lord Nelson is a three-masted barque. She is 150   This made for a very wild ride. We experienced seven to
                                                         ten metre waves, unfortunately, on our beam. Needless to
                                                         say, there were a lot of people not feeling so great. Winds
                                                         were steady at 40 kts and gusting. Rain was beating on us
                                                         sideways and it was very cold. At one point, I was thrown
                                                         against the counter in the galley and broke a couple of
                                                         ribs. This trip was not for the faint of heart.                              BICYCLE SALES,
                                                         Things were not always that bad. After two weeks at sea,                     SERVICE & RENTALS
                                                         we spotted the 7400-foot-high volcano on the island of
                                                         Pico in the Azores. It seemed very close, but took an entire
                                                         day to finally get to Horta on the island of Faial which                             705.329.0367
                                                         is next door to Pico. We spent three beautiful sunny days                      161 MISSISSAGA ST. EAST
                                                         exploring Horta. After another twelve days at sea, we                               downtown  Orillia
                                                         spent a day anchored at the island Alderney in
                                                         the Channel Islands. Two days later we were
                                                         heading up the river Thames and docking,
                                                         literally beside Tower Bridge. What a beauti-
                                                         ful sight.
                                                         If you are looking for an adventure, contact
                                                         the Jubilee Sailing Trust or go online and pe-
                                                         ruse their voyage schedules. There are voyages
                                                         of different lengths all around the world.
                                                         I will certainly be looking at another voyage,
                                                         perhaps not as long, but somewhere exciting
                                    Ford at the helm!    for sure. Sailing is a wonderful way to see the
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