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Bruce Stanton MP

                                                          I hope everyone has gotten 2018 off to   •  supporting organizations, including   and benefit return over the phone. The
                                                          a great start.                      those that provide important com-  CRA estimates that approximately
                                                                                              munity services                950,000 Canadians will be eligible for
                                                          There are a couple of updates I wanted
                                                                                                                             File my Return, and if you are eligible,
                                                          to make sure that you heard about.   •  recognizing that local circumstanc-
                                                          The first concerns the Canada Sum-  es, community needs and priorities   you will receive a personal letter invit-
                                                                                                                             ing you to use this new service starting
                                                          mer Jobs program, and the second    vary widely
                                                          relates to a recent announcement from                              in February 2018.
                                                                                           I have heard from a number of local
                                                          the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA)   businesses and organizations about   File my Return uses information the
                                                          about filing your 2017 taxes.                                      CRA has on record plus answers the
                                                                                           how helpful the CSJ program has
                                                          As you may have heard, the Canada   been to them, and want to make sure   user gives during their automated
                                                                                                                             phone call to complete and file income
                                                          Summer Jobs (CSJ) program is now   as many as possible have an opportu-
                                                          open for applications, until February   nity to benefit in 2018.    tax and benefit returns. It allows all
                                                                                                                             the deductions, benefits and credits
                                                          2, 2018. The CSJ program provides   For more information on the CSJ pro-
                                                          wage subsidies to employers to create                              the user is eligible for. The File my
                                                                                           gram, or to obtain an application kit,   Return service is available 21 hours a
                                                          employment for secondary and post-  please visit
                                                          secondary students. Again this year,                               day, from 6 am to 3 am, Eastern time,
                                                                                           summer-jobs                       7 days a week, throughout the tax-
                                                          CSJ welcomes applications from small
                                                          businesses, not-for-profit employers,   The second update concerns the   filing season.
                                                          public sector and faith-based organi-  Canada Revenue Agency (CRA),   I will post updates on the File My Re-
                                                          zations that provide quality summer   which recently announced a new   turn service as it becomes available on
                                                          jobs for students.               service they are rolling out called File   my website,
                                                                                           my Return. This will allow Canadians
                                                          CSJ has three objectives:
                                                                                           with low income, or who are on a
                                                           •  providing work experiences for   fixed income that is unchanged from
                                                            students                       year-to-year, to file their income tax
                                                          Coming Events                                                      Thursday March 15 from 7 to 9 pm
                                                                                                                             The Barrie District Stamp Club, Chapter
                                                                                                                             73 of the Royal Philatelic Society of
                                                          Saturday February 3 at 8:30am    Wednesday February 14             Canada, meeting at St Andrews Presbyterian
                                                          Brereton Field Naturalists Walk fea-  from 10am to 12 noon         Church, corner of Owen and Worsley Streets.
                                                          turing Minesing Raptors - We take a   Barrie Women’s Connection- Morning   Beginner and experienced collectors are
                                                          trip through the flats around nearby lower Mi-  Coffe Remember When! Feature and Music:   always welcome. Memberships are avail-
                                                          nesing area, looking for the beautiful Snowy   Linda Marek, singer,”A Stroll Down Memory   able. Most meetings feature the Sales Circuit
                                                          Owls, the intrepid and uncommonly striking   Lane- Fashion and Songs” Speaker: Lois Am-  binders, a draw table and a silent auction
                                                          Rough-legged Hawks, the smaller and   brose, “Get Connected-Stay Connected” at the   table. Go to www.barriedistrictstampclub.
                                                          rarer Northern Shrikes, the versatile Red-tail   Barrie Legion, 410 St. Vincent Street, Barrie.   ca  or contact the Secretary, Bruce Walter at
                                                          hawks, any possible Eagle sightings, as well   Admission $8. Reservations Please! Call Janet   705-735-6009 for more information. 
                                                          as flocks of the seasonally well named Snow   705-735-0926 by February 7.
                                                          Buntings. Driving outing usually ends by 1:30                      Thursday March 22
                                                          pm, bring binoculars, cameras, appropriate   Thursday February 15 from 7 to 9pm  from 8:30 am to 4 pm
                                                          outdoor attire, a snack and drink. Families   The Barrie District Stamp Club, Chapter   CDC Orillia Workshop on Government
                                                          welcome! Depart 8:30 am from Little Lake   73 of the Royal Philatelic Society of   Resources, Funding and Information
                                                          Parking Lot. Contact: Brian Gibbon 705-721-  Canada, meeting at St Andrews Presbyterian   Fair. Description: This event is for entrepre-
                                                          4599.                            Church, corner of Owen and Worsley Streets.   neurs and employers in Simcoe County and
                                                                                           Beginner and experienced collectors are   will provide a unique opportunity to engage
                                                          Saturday February 3 at 2pm       always welcome. Memberships are avail-  with government officials and learn how to
                                                          Simcoe County Branch, Ontario Genea-  able. Most meetings feature the Sales Circuit   access a wide variety of programs, services
                                                          logical Society meeting at the Church of   binders, a draw table and a silent auction   and resources. Visit for
                                                          Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 79 Ferris   table. Go to www.barriedistrictstampclub.  more details.
                                                          Lane, Barrie. The speaker will be Sherilyn   ca  or contact the Secretary, Bruce Walter at

                                                          Bell, BSc UE. Topic will be What Lies Beneath.   705-735-6009 for more information.   Thursday March 22from 1 to 3 pm
                                                          This presentation will also touch upon the                         The Simcoe County Quilters’ Guild
                                                          decision-making process and the occasional   Thursday February 22 from 1 to 3pm  monthly meeting at the Simcoe County
                                                          ethical dilemma that can pop up unexpect-  The Simcoe County Quilters’ Guild   Museum, Midhurst. Jennifer Houlden from
                                                          edly.                            monthly meeting at the Simcoe County   ‘Quilts by Jen’, Coldwater will be presenting
                                                                                           Museum, Midhurst. Four members will dem-  her trunk show. New members and visitors
                                                          Tuesday February 13, 2018        onstrate four different techniques in a round   ($5.00 fee) are welcome.
                                                          from 8:30am to 11am              robin format. New members and visitors
                                                          CDC Orillia Workshop on Bill 148; Fair   ($5.00 fee) are welcome.  Saturday March 24 from 1 to 3 pm
                                                          Workplaces & Better Jobs at the Best                               Annual General Meeting of the Copeland
                                                          Western Plus Mariposa Inn & Conference   Wednesday March 14        Forest Friends Association, come and
                                                          Centre, Orillia. Cost: $10.00 Light morning   from 11:30 am to 1:30 pm  find out what the Friends have been up to
                                                          refreshment included. Description: Brian   Barrie Women’s Connection Luncheon -   this past year. Renew your membership and
                                                          Wasyliw from Sherrard Kuzz LLP, Employment   Music: Bruce Owen, singer, Speaker: Valerie   have your say in the voting of representatives
                                                          & Labour Lawyers will break down Bill 148   Rout, “Living Our Legacy Now” at the Barrie   to the Board of Directors. Also results of the
                                                          and provide valuable information on how the   Legion, 410 St. Vincent Street, Barrie. Admis-  Single-Track Trail Review will be presented
                                                          sweeping changes to the Employment Stan-  sion $15. Reservations Please! Call Janet   to the membership at this meeting. Updates
                                                          dards Act, 2000 (ESA) and Labour Relations   705-735-0926 by March 7.  on the agenda and guest speaker will be an-
                                                          Act (LRA) impact local business. Visit www.                        nounced on our Facebook page. Hope to see
                                                 for more details.                                   you there., info@
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