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space heater before getting dressed. Oh…I
                                            think I forgot to mention the deer in the
       Digressions   woods…many graceful does and one mag-
                                            nificent stag, and the mosses on the ground
                                            which hadn’t been seen for years. Three dif-
       by D’reen ferent kinds. And the sweet pubs and the
                                            occasional magnificent winter sunset…on
       by Doreen Uren Simmons               the two days out of twenty-one that there
                                            wasn’t total cloud cover.   
       Lordy…I’m so sick of winter already! And
       as I write this it is only January 8! How   I really shouldn’t complain, as I said earlier.
       to make it through until spring? And the   I had a six-week break over Christmas,
       trouble is, I know I can’t complain because   which is incredibly self-indulgent and priv-
       you must have it much worse in Orillia   ileged. I managed to stretch my glorious
       than we do in Toronto. But, the traffic in   Christmas cake out over nearly the usual
       Toronto is appalling and the TTC is worse   number of lucky people in spite of adding
       and there ain’t a lotta beauty around. Plus,   English friends to the list. And I made a
       we are old. So there…end of rant.    Kringle in England under very stressful
                                            circumstances. Have you ever hand-shelled
       Well...not quite. I spent the first three   pods of cardamom? Two hours for two
       weeks of December in England with my
                                            teaspoons. And the sugar and the yeast and
       even older friend. The English idea of   the flour were all different. But it worked…
       central heating is do not move away from
                                            even in the Aga.
       the very front of the fireplace under any
       circumstance. And the house is full of   I highly recommend the movie Darkest
       passageways. Like…you open a door and   Hour with the magnificent Gary Oldman
       freeze until you open another door into   doing a magnificent Winston Churchill. I
       a room that may have an Aga, which is   was in tears at the end, maybe because I’m
       supposed to keep it warm, if you lift the   old enough to remember hearing the real
       lid on one of the top burners and open one   Winston in a radio broadcast when I was a
       of the oven doors…but then you have to   child. My Dad cried then too. 
       shut them or there won’t be any heat for   See you in the spring...and sending love to
       cooking. Lovely. And it’s damp. And in the
                                            keep you warm until then!
       morning I draped my clothes over the tiny

                                                       Events and Raffl  es Th  e best way we raise money for the community has
                                                                                  always been by holding a great event and inviting locals to come out to support it. Th  is
                                                                                  spring, we are hosting two great annual events:
                                                                                  Our third annual
                                                                                  Kegs and Corks

                                                                                  is coming up fast, taking place at
                                                                                  the Washago Community Cen-
        Technical Scholarships                                                     tre on March 10 at 6 pm. A $15
        Each spring, Th  e Rotary Club of Washago has  New Meeting Time            ticket not only gets you in the
                                                                                   front door, but also puts three
        proudly awarded a technical scholarship in the   We are meeting twice monthly now,   sample tickets in your hand. Th  e
        amount of $500 to an applicant who is partici-  the 2  and 4  Th  ursday of each month   fun is not over when you run out
        pating in post-secondary education, either in   from 5:45-7 pm. Th  e      of tickets, additional tickets are
        an apprenticeship or institutional training pro-  fi rst meeting of the    available for $1 apiece! Th  ere will
        gram. In the past, this scholarship has helped   month takes               be craft beer, craft cider and arti-  Beer for a Year Raffl   e
        applicants with things like purchasing tools   place at the                san craft inspired hors d’oeuvres.
        required for their trade, off setting their fuel ex-  Washago              Get yourself a safe ride home then   we have raffl   ed off   canoes, kayaks and guitars
        pense to drive up to the college in Bracebridge,  Community                come and enjoy! Th  is is not a hard   with great success, but we’ve kept an eye out
              and much more. If you know someone   Centre and                      6 pm start time, stop by anytime   for what cottagers and full-time residents re-
               in an apprenticeship or skilled trade   the second                  between 6 and 9pm.              ally want…and they want Beer for a Year! For
               program deserving of this scholarship,  rotates (the                                                just $20 you can enter to win! Th   ere are only
                                                                                   Th  e Wild Game Dinner (13
               please have them fi ll out the applica-  original                                                   500 tickets available, so buy early! Th   e lucky
               tion on our website www.washagoro-  concept of                      annual!) is on May 5. Come to   winner will receive a $40 gift card weekly for
                                                                                   the Washago Community Centre
      (under the Youth heading on   Rotary) be-                                                  a total prize value of $2080.  Lottery Licence
                                                                                   and enjoy expertly chef prepared   # 735971, draw date: May 19, 2018 at 6 pm.
               the top bar) and e-mail the completed  tween mem-
                                                                                   wild game. In the past, patrons   Message us on Facebook or
                      form to info@washagoro-   ber’s homes and businesses. If you are
              before the March   interested in checking out what we’re all   have enjoyed such delicacies as:   email for your tickets.
                        th                                                         wild boar, bison, venison, bear, elk,
                      15  deadline.  Th  e successful  about, come and sit in on a meeting.
                      applicant will be notifi ed by   Email to con-  moose, Lake Erie pickerel, pheas-
                               April 1  2018.   fi rm the meeting location!        ant, duck and free range potatoes.
                                                                                   Entry is $50 and features a cash   All proceeds fund service projects
                                                                                        bar. More details on the   locally and internationally!
                                       All the best in the New Year!                    menu to follow in the next
                                                                                        issue; keep an eye on our
                                                                                        Facebook page for updates.
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