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Oro Station
      Community Hall

      News by Dorothy Williams

      Happy 2018 to all. We wish you a great
      year full of happy times, memories and
      good health.
      Our Christmas Party at the Hall was a
      huge success. Thanks to all the vol-
      unteers, the food was delicious. Santa
      arrived on time to help turn on our
      outdoor tree lights and then to have
      pictures taken with the children. Loo-
      nie Lane was another highlight of the
      evening and many families went home
      with their treasures. We enjoyed seeing
      everyone out having fun with new and
      old friends. Several local students
      earned well-deserved volunteer hours
      for helping with the event.
      We are pleased to see Walter Iles is
      progressing well after his hip replace-
      ment in late November. Walter would
      like to thank all the family friends and
      neighbours for their many kindnesses
      and help during his recovery period.
      Your thoughtfulness means a lot to
      The community was saddened to
      hear of the passing of Barry Leigh in
      December. Barry attended school at
      Oro Station in what is now our com-
      munity hall and was always a willing
      and generous volunteer. Barry was also
      a long-time member of the Oro Station
      Little Brick Church and Cemetery
      Board. His volunteer work included
      cutting three acres of undeveloped land
      and filling in graves in the spring. He   —photo by Deb Halbot
      was always willing to donate his time
      and equipment for work that needed to
      be done. Thank you, Barry…you will be   2018 Rink Rat of the Year! —submitted
                                         It is that time of the year again: Rink Rats   4.  He actually wants to run the snow blower
      Congratulations to Pat Emms on
      her retirement after many years of ser-  all over Horseshoe Valley are wondering who   5.  He speaks English, albeit with a funny   The Deadline for our
                                         will be 2018 Rink Rat of the Year.
      vice with the Simcoe County District                                         accent
      School Board.                      2017 was no different than the previous   6.  He is a big and small C Conservative   April/May issue
                                         eight years in that we spent many, many
      Thanks to the Oro Lions Club mem-                                         7.  He is somewhat teachable about how to        is March 7
      bers for preparing the skating rink   hours contemplating who should be our
                                         2018 Rink Rat of the Year. As most of you   make ice
      next to the Hall. Thanks to Allen                                                                                   for delivery on April 4     th
      Gilchrist and Andy Taylor who took   know, a very important requirement is to   8.  He is Captain of the Friday morning
                                         have only three letters in your first name.
      advantage of the cold weather to have                                        team and most importantly
      such an early start to the skating season.  This is because it fits better on the trophy   9.  He is here all winter
                                         plate and costs less to print the honouree’s
      Our Annual Meeting is on Tuesday,   name. Anyway, after countless hours of de-  John is our very deserving Rink Rat of the   email:
      February 13, 2018 at 7 pm. We would   liberation we eliminated all the “deplorables”   Year for 2018.                visit us online at
      be delighted to see lots of community   and finally came up with an acceptable
      members out. Your input and help are   winner.                            So all of you Rink Rat of the Year wannabes
      important to the continued running of                                     just try harder this year. Remember that
                                         Drum roll please! The Rink Rat for 2018 is   there is a special parking spot and an extra
      your Hall.
                                         John Thornton.                         week of vacation in the summer that goes
      Playschool                         Here is a list of why “Jon” is a most worthy   with this honour. Also, those of you with
                                                                                good memories will recall that we started out
      Monday and Thursday at 9:30 am     recipient of this august award:
                                                                                with the first five recipients of this trophy
      Bid Euchre                         1.  He could have just three letters in his   having only three letters in their first names.
                                            first name                          Last year (and almost this year) we returned
      Monday at 8 pm
      2  and 4  Wednesday at 1:30 pm     2.  He can walk and chew gum at the same   to that tradition and this would suggest that
      Friday at 1:30 pm                     time                                you have a better chance of winning in 2019
                                                                                if you only have a three lettered first name.
      Board Meetings                     3.  He will not mess up the ice by skating on   Three cheers for Jon T, 2018’s Rink Rat of
                                            it, because he can’t skate
      2  Tuesday of the month at 7 pm                                           the Year.
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