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Orillia                          kick it up a notch by introducing new   (music) fits into the local and national
                                                                         history. And sometimes we have quite
                                                                         a back and forth with those attend-
                                        “Our concerts are an array of differ-
       Performing                       ent musical genres, such as traditional   ing.”
                                        pieces, rock, Phantom of the Opera   Coming off a successful Christmas
       Arts Forum                       pieces, and Spanish music and rag-  concert season, the OSB is getting                        BICYCLE SALES,
                                                                         warmed up for the winter season with
                                        time music from New Orleans,” said
       Concerts                         James Hilts, conductor for the Orillia   the recording of a new CD compila-                   SERVICE & RENTALS
                                        Concert Band (OCB) (orilliaconcert-
                                                                         tion at St. James’ Anglican Church.
        —by Mehreen Shahid                           This will be followed by a concert at
                                                                         the church on Friday, March 23.                                      705.329.0367
                                        With the concerts, he said, the hope                                                            161 MISSISSAGA ST. EAST
       A melodic deluge is heading Orillia’s
                                        is to bring together the community   The OSB is also hosting in April,                               downtown  Orillia
       way with springtime concerts taking
                                        and also explore the band’s repertoire   with brass players from across the
       place over the usual hangouts around
                                        by giving members a chance to per-  province, as part of Brass Band Week-
                                        form with other local musicians.  end, sponsored by the Canadian Band
       Song and chorus will echo through                                 Association.
                                        On March 3, at St. Paul’s Centre, the
       the halls of St. Paul’s Centre, St.
       James’ Anglican Church and the   OCB will take to the stage with VK   For tickets and information on the
                                        and the Narrows, said Hilts, adding   concerts check each group’s website.
       Orillia Opera House with perfor-
       mances beginning in February.    the band will perform another
                                        concert at St. Paul’s Centre in
       “This is the kind of music you’d hear   May and at Couchiching Beach
       at Massey Hall in Toronto,” said   Park in late June.
       Anne Kallin, who manages publicity
                                        And it’s not just a talent show-
       for the Orillia Concert Association
                                        case, said Neil Barlow, music
       ( “It’s
                                        director and conductor of Orillia
       top-quality music, from classical to
                                        Silver Band (OSB) (orilliasilver-
       quintets to operatic music.”
                               He and his band try
       With an annual subscription for   to select music that educates and
       $90, music lovers get to attend five   entertains at the same time.
       concerts beginning in the fall, she
       explained, adding a special feature of   “We’re always looking for classi-
                                        cal well-known pieces of music
       the concerts enjoyed by patrons is the
       chance to meet the artists.      that we can put our own spin
                                        on,” he said. “We also talk to
       Other participating bands also try to   the audiences about how that
       Mindful Musings —by Doctor Gerald Levine
       Musing 35: Too busy for stress management!       to motivate us. Evidence shows that a kind, supportive
       Prior musings have outlined a method of optimizing physi-  inner coach is much more effective at giving ourselves
       cal, mental and spiritual health by focusing on self-care and   permission to be less busy, making time for rest and self-
       embracing the mindful attitudes of non-judgmental acceptance,   nourishment. We need to be OK with saying “no” as a
       patience, curiosity, trust, non-striving, letting go and kindness.  complete sentence when we are at our capacity and asked
                                                        to do more.
       This musing will address the benefits of giving yourself
       permission to live a more healthy, balanced life. Our mod-  The third reason for staying on the over busy treadmill is
       ern society promotes a hyper-busy, multitasking, distracted   comparing ourselves to others. Comparison adds to our
       existence.   We seem to have endless to do lists, while   stress. It is healthier to live at a pace that works for us, not
       texting, checking news feeds, Twitter, FaceBook, email ac-  based on societal and peer pressures. It takes courage and
       counts, YouTube videos, etc. Add work, household chores,   mindful awareness to stand firm in our own shoes and not
       family and community events and no wonder many of us   be pressured into being too busy. Sometimes we take pride
       feel we are on frenetic treadmill. This is a recipe for burn-  in being overly busy as a badge of honour or importance.
       out, illness and all the physical and emotional symptoms   Our worth needs to be based on simply being human, not
       that arise from chronic stress.                  how busy we are. Remember, we are human be-ings, not
                                                        do-ings! It is healthier to leave space for unexpected events
       Why do we stay on this obviously unhealthy, over-busy
                                                        and spontaneity rather than running an over-crowded
       treadmill? The three common reasons are lack of aware-
                                                        schedule. Benefits include being calmer, more present, joy-
       ness, self-expectation (conditioning) and societal pressures.
                                                        ful, creative and better able to meaningfully connect with
       Mindfulness promotes awareness. As we engage in formal   others. Emotional regulation, sleep, energy, concentration
       meditation or go about our daily tasks with full mind-  and wise decision-making can be enhanced by moving
       ful presence, we can discern how we are feeling in mind,   toward a less frenetic, more balanced existence.
       body and spirit. We may discover that we are feeling tired,   Mindful Home Practice
       dispirited, overwhelmed or resentful about all the respon-
                                                        Consider conducting regular, honest, mind-
       sibility and busyness of our lives. When we are aware, we
                                                        ful reviews of your daily, weekly and monthly
       have choices. We can hold up an honest mirror and reflect
                                                        schedules. Is your pace working for you? Can
       on our habitual busy behaviour.
                                                        your obligations be reduced to make more
       We may hear our internal dialogue, often the voice of   room for spontaneity or unexpected extra
       childhood conditioning, that insists that we are valuable   tasks? Stress can be greatly reduced, and flex-
       only when we are doing something. Our inner critical   ibility increased by simplifying and remember-
       voice may provide unfriendly reminders that we are not   ing to plan without being overly attached to
       good enough, need to strive harder, give more. Mindful   outcome. Notice if you gradually allow yourself
       awareness of our personal “itty bitty sh…ty committee”   more time for selfcare and stress management!
       allows us to acknowledge and thank the inner critic’s wish
                                                        Visit for more information.
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